FUN is just a way of life...Charles felt like a kid again playing whiffle ball with other residents and staff...
  • Lovefor Westside

    Our patients and residents LOVE us!!! Ashley helping Mary Jane during our Super Hero party...
  • Lifeat Westside

    LIFE...your way. Choices make all the difference...Lucille and Harold dancing to their own beat...
  • Connectwith Westside

    We are personally CONNECTed to our community...the local ROTC celebrates William and other veterans...

Welcome to Westside

…the premier Long Term Care and Rehabilitation Center in Dothan, Alabama. We know that quality clinical care in a loving, safe environment is important to you and your family.

Rehab First at Westside Terrace is the Five-Star healthcare rated in-patient therapy unit to turn to if you are a short-term patient, such as those needing therapy after a hip fracture, a knee replacement, or perhaps you need general strengthening for improved mobility or fine motor skills after bone or joint surgery, a stroke, or a heart attack. Our 1-on-1 physical, occupational, and speech therapy gives you personal, individualized rehabilitation so you can get back to your LIFE as quickly as and with the best results possible.

Westside Terrace serves you when you need long term care, such as those suffering from Alzheimers or Dementia. Perhaps you have a chronic illness that requires ongoing skilled nursing such as IV therapy, wound care, diabetes care, nutritional support, respiratory care, or other specialized care. We have an extensive training and education program for our staff. Couple this with our low staff turnover rate and you can have confidence in the quality and continuity of care. Every person deserves a life of dignity and respect, regardless of their age or physical condition. That’s why our compassionate staff members attend not only to our patients’ physical needs, but to their social and emotional, and spiritual health as well. Just ask our residents…they will tell you that they LOVE living here.

We know that moving, whether short term or long term, can be stressful and sometimes scary. We treat you with empathy, compassion and love, while doing our best to answer your questions in order to make your transition easier. We make it as much like home by giving you choices in the care, activities, food, and much more. We make a point of having FUN while helping you get to the highest level of functioning possible for you.

Westside Terrace is CONNECTed to the Dothan community. We organize and host multiple events throughout the year in efforts to engage and help local citizens through “Cornucopia of Care”, our annual food drive for seniors; “Westside Terrace Fall Festival”, our annual event bringing in family members of all ages to enjoy social time with our patients and residents; “Rehab First Reunion”, our annual event celebrating the success of past patients; “Pastor Appreciation”, our annual event thanking our pastors in the area who give so selflessly throughout the year; and many other monthly events.

Come by to visit with our staff. Take time to talk with our patients and residents. Take a look for yourself…once you see and feel the atmosphere, you won’t go anywhere else…FUN, LOVE, CONNECTION, and LIFE is in the air because “we do a lot of living” at Westside Terrace.